LOLUMA’S SUBURBS is founded by the hyper sports car designer Joachim Nordwall. The first LOLUMA’S was designed for Joachims
wife Beatrice’s 40th birthday. Later on they developed the product together and turned it into a business. The Loluma’s accessory products are designed to feel dressed for any occasion. Wear it as a bracelet, around your neck or as a luxurious hair band. Whether you are on the beach or on the red carpet, you could wear it. The charm has a classic iconic design and can be worn in unlimited ways. Only your imagination will limit you. It’s your choice to choose to buy LOLUMA’S scarves or to choose your own private one, however you will succeed. The LOLUMA’S scarves are named after favorite suburbs and places the founder and his family have visited over the years. LOLUMA’S is not a fashion brand, but a timeless accessory lifestyle brand, not following any specific season. Just relax and enjoy your LOLUMA’S.

You can learn more about Joachim Nordwall’s other work, at:  JNORDWALL.COM


Your local store is on the web. We only sell our products on our web shop or in a pop-up store, announced on our website.

Lolumas scarf and charm


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