The first LOLUMA’S SUBURBS was designed and created with love and passion by hypersports car designer Joachim Nordwall and was a gift for his wife Beatrice’s 40th birthday. The idea with LOLUMA’S SUBURBS was to create an accessory to be worn at any occasion.

Joachim and Beatrice decided to share their LOLUMA’S SUBURBS with the world and founded the LOLUMA’S SUBURBS brand. The name LOLUMA’S is an acronym of the founder’s children and their dog. SUBURBS stand for favorite suburbs and places the founders and their family have visited. Each scarf is named after a suburb or place warm at heart for the family. To read the suburbs stories visit the scarf collection page.

LOLUMA’S SUBURBS are not doing fashion. We are doing timeless affordable luxuary. By mixing soft and hard material together in a knot LOLUMA’S SUBURBS empowers you and makes you feel strong. Whether you are on the beach or on the red carpet, you could wear your LOLUMA’S SUBURBS. Wear your LOLUMA’S SUBURBS as a bracelet, around your neck or as a luxurious hair band, only the sky is the limit.

The LOLUMA’S SUBURBS buckle has a classic iconic design and comes in two sizes and four different metals. Scarves are made of finest silk, finest linen and Swedish reindeer. The buckle can be combined with scarves in unlimited ways, depending on how you want to express yourself.

Just relax and enjoy your style of life.